Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Laaaaaaaast minute

(Contest Entry for Wacom's Bring your Vision to Life )

Oh man so i got a virus on my computer and no matter how many different things i try i cant seem to get anything to take it off my computer. Now its crashing and freezing my computer. i dont care, next paycheck, its ALL going on my computer to get it fixed. I cant stand this.

So the contest at deviantart, i literally entered it LAST minute. i barelly even made it. See i dont know why, but for some reason i thought it wasnt due until the 21st and oh man was i horribly mistaken. So i went onto the contest information to see what time i was due and i read that it is actually do TODAY! well ... yesterday i guess now that its 3 AM . So i cancelled going to class and worked like a mad woman. Im greatful i been working on it like everyday so i didnt have toooo much to do. I just had the characters left to finish but still, thats a lot to cram in one day. 

So non-stop i sat infront of my computer atfter work (noon) and been working on it the whole time. i got my friend Matt to help me out with suggestions and drawing the people for me. Thank you Matt, owe you sooo much. 
So as im finishing it i go to save it and omg i get the blue screen of death. I only ever heard of it. I honestly never seen it before. And let me tell you, when your working on something, that you have to finish within the next 20 minutes and still be able to upload it within that 20 min, and you worked on it for 30 min and are trying to save and that screen pops up, IT IS THE UGGLIEST BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH EVER. Lets just say i had a few choice words for my computer that we're rather colorful and threatening as i rebooted my computer. 

it wasnt so bad. no crashed files. So i had no other choice, i went back to painting, finished it, and literally uploaded it last minute. 

Many things tried to stop me while working on this entry, but in the end i submitted it and im so happy right now.

ok on to the next work LOL

I have in mind to paint some realistic portraits of the disney princess. Tell you what, it is HARD to find good reference photo's of native women for Phochantas, any suggestions on where to find some photo's of native women i will always take gladly. 

Anyways i need to go to bed cause my back is sore and im missing Ratatouille. =)


  1. Hey Ty nice photoshop work, by the way the virus your talking about sounds like PCenter or Privacy Center or similar; its a Trojan "fake spyware remover" it tells u your system is infected with many many viruses " all fake " an then tells you to buy thier software to remove said none existant viruses. indeed the only virus you have is the thing telling you that you have a virus!.. AGV Free version will fix it for you.

    seriously dont pay money to fix it (if u havent already) if worse come to it get carissa to help you; she's pretty gd wi computers. Anyway the Photoshop work is looking great but dont you think you should spend some time workin on you 3d skills too ;) haha see you next at school next semester

  2. Who is this? =P
    and thanks for the help. Im going to check that out and see it if it works, i tried this other thing called SpyDocter but it wont work on my computer no matter what i try to get it to work and i have tried many many things.
    And thanks yeah i like photoshop a lot. And i am working on modelling believe it or not its just i dont really think any of it is good enough to show at all yet =)