Saturday, May 16, 2009

Working on Contest

Hey everyone =)
Right now im just working on this contest being hosted on
Its about good vs. evil. I chose my subject matter to be Mother Nature VS. Humankind at first. but after 3 attempts i changed my mind. Its still Mother Nature but instead of mankind its now Pollution.
I had a lot of troubles with it in the beginning, i think it was due to poor planning personally.
I kept changing it, but i didnt feel like it was really makeing the message that i wanted. And i wanted Mother Nature to look like, when you would see her you would automatically know it was her. And i dont think that was happening. She more or less looked like a hot chick, but thats about it. I wanted her to be more supernatural. So i ended up changing that but i still didnt like it.
So in the end i scraped the entire idea and now im working on something completely different with Mother Nature and Pollution being the only thing the same. Its kind of a street fighter theme. I think i may upload a picture of the work in progress so far.
Well i have about 6 days left to finish painting the background, get the characters drawn in, paint them, then add lighting and shadows. Sounds like fun. I just hope i finish it in time =P
wish me luck!
This was my first idea:
This is my second:
And this is my final idea so far:


  1. ok so, i really do like your KO versus picture for the contest, and i understand why you didnt do your original peice, but personally, i really liked the guy with the girl and the smog! i just really liked the style of it, and how everything was done, i though it was really good ty, although you kinda stopped once you realized that you wernt gona use it. IIII like it :) haha

  2. I know im wishing now that i woulda spent more time on it and finished it. but its too late now, might finish it later if i get around to it. thanks =)