Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well this is the new picture i finished. I call it Blue Alligator. 
I really enjoy pictures of people with head phones and i thought i might enjoy painting a picture of a girl with headphones. i was right, this was a fun painting to do. that and my favorite opposite colors are blue and orange. I really enjoyed painting this and i think there shall be another on the way.


  1. im really excited actually to see the rest of your littler series :) i like this one alot and im glad you didnt put any green in, the blue and orange are nice, this makes me wana try something like it, i think it would be fun :P course im not nearly as good as you so mine would jsut be practise, or maybe i'll actually jsut draw some, hmmm

  2. Yeah i agree i think the green woulda killed it =P
    And it is so much fun do try it, if you do let me see it when your finished =)
    aw thanks Jess, and pfft i love your artwork though, expecially the stuff you do on Illustrator. You should maybe try something like that with illustrator, if you do definitally let me see it!