Friday, June 26, 2009

CGTalk Secret Agent W.I.P 1

( Click on it to full View more of the picture )
Im entered into the new CGTalk contest for the Secret agent and i just wanted to show my Work In Progress. Im doing a girl that is a secret agent that just stole documents from an office that was under top security and the only way out the building is out the window. there is an agent that jumped out behind her but silly man forgot he doesnt have a cord attached to him like she does. big explosion in the background and some agents flung out the window as well.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

( Contets Entry RedBird )
So this is my entry to a small contest i found on Deviantart. The character itself is copyright to HelloBaby on .
I really enjoyed makeing this. I worked on it on and off for the past week or two. I learned a lot of things while painting this. I really enjoy that about contests, you have to paint something they want you to paint, not something you may paint yourself, so you have to make yourself learn new things in order to finish it. So i enjoy entering contests cause i feel that it helps me grow as an artist.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grey Scale Harry Potter

So i worked on this for a couple days now and here it is finished. Just some harry potter fan art. is the reference i used to make this picture.
I still go to my classes in Sheridan and we been learning some stuff in grey scale and i decided to do a portrait with grey tones only. There is still some issues with is but im proud of it all the same. Always open for feedback =)
I think i might start commisions soon for portraits. would be nice practice as well.